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Talavera Bowl
Talavera Flower Pot
Tree of Life

Be Mine, Valentine 

Ribbon Shoppin'

New for spring.


Hat Party III

Sofia loves to play with hats.

Las Muñecas Chicas

Sometime they dress alike, and sometimes they don't.

La Muñeca y Serape

Music and Fiesta time ...... the spice of life.


Pick Me Pick Me! 

Meet the Fiesta Friends and pick one to take home!

Pumpkin Patch Party

It's time for a Fiesta in the pumpkin patch.

Flores de Noche Buena
Flowers of the Holy Night

Christmas is a magic time of year.


April Showers

With spring comes showers.

Brings May Flowers

Maria and Sofia love to play in the tulip fields.

Mirror Mirror on the 

wall ...

Maria checks the mirror before she goes to the Fiesta.


Being thankful.

 Peek-a-Boo Pots

Sofia and Maria visit the pot place!

Talavera Tea with Friends

Tea with friends is fun

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