Hello / Hola

My name is Sofia and I love the color purple..... and lots of ribbons.

Thank You for your interest in The Talavera Twins and their Fiesta Friends. We are currently looking for licensing opportunities so if you have an interest, please feel free to contact us.

    La Muneca e Serape 22x30 watercolor

    Muneca Hat Party 22 x 30 watercolor

    Pumpkin Patch Party 22 x 30 watercolor

    Bountiful  22 x 30 watercolor

    Christmas Doll 22x30 watercolor

    Flores de Noche Buena / Flowers of the Holy Night  22 x 30 watercolor

    Valentines Day  22 x 30 watercolor


    April Showers 22x30 watercolor

    Brings May Flowers 22x30 watercolor


    Talavera Tea with Friends 22 x 30 watercolor

    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall  22 x 30 watercolor

    La Munecas Chicas  22 x 30 watercolor

    Tres Amigas  15 x 20 watercolor

    Pick Me Pick Me  22 x 30 watercolor


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